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Low Cost Windsor Growth Stock Mutual Funds

This table provides a few of Vanguard growth stock mutual funds low expense investments. View the table below in this article for these multi-manager low cost mutual funds investments. Lower cost mutual funds in the growth stock sector are inclined to be relatively consistent across time. Individual shareholders in low cost mutual funds investments are inclined to be faithful to the few mutual fund firms that offer very economical mutual fund investments.

Individual investors in low fee index investment company funds expect that low costs tend to lead to enhanced returns across time. These growth equity investment company funds probably will not have better investment returns prior to taxes and fees. Instead, such mutual fund investments tend to target the average market investment returns, and they are not constructed to outpace the market average return unless stock picking is fortunate.

Regardless, the much lower costs of Vanguard’s growth stock mutual funds enable shareholders to keep significantly more of the market’s return rather than having to share the market’s investment return with the financial services industry by having to pay avoidable investment charges. Over time, such investors tend to do better than shareholders who pay higher and more avoidable fees to the financial industry.

Low Cost Vanguard Growth Stock Mutual Funds

Fund Name — Expense Ratio — Ticker Symbol
  • Vanguard Windsor Admiral — 0.20% expense ratio — VWNEX
  • Vanguard Windsor Investor — 0.30% expense ratio — VWNDX
    • Source: lowest cost index mutual funds
    • Study the mutual funds prospectus to have knowledge of rules and levies, including investment, conveyance, and brokerage costs which could reduce assets. Investment company funds on occasion are shut for new investors money.

The initially listed low fee multi-manager growth stock mutual fund is the Vanguard Windsor Admiral including the VWNEX trading symbol. The Vanguard Windsor Admiral comes with a low expense management expense ratio in this growth stock mutual funds asset class but it requires a significantly higher $50,000 minimum investment.

The next included growth stock mutual mutual fund is just another share class of the same fund as above, but with a much lower $3,000 initial investment. The Vanguard Windsor Investor share class trades with the VWNDX trading symbol. The Vanguard Windsor Investor share class still includes very low management expense percentage in this multi-manager growth stock mutual fund investments category.

Vanguard Growth Stock Mutual Funds

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